Sound & Lighting Equipment


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We are Sri Lanka. Our service is valuable for who has a need for speaker rental. It is much easier and less costly than buying a brand new speaker system. For just use day or two-day party and event rental. We have a different kind of Sounds systems and other. Like a microphone for rent, megaphone for rent, podium for rent, music equipment rental,
mic stands for rentals and other etc.
We offer a variety of electronic and non-electronic items for rent in different categories which help customers to find the suitable item for their needs. Since you’re just using it for one day, this seems like a waste. Why not rent, instead of buying!
Rent is one of the most popular Item Rentals networks in Sri Lanka, with more items to rent, from Microphone to High-Quality Sound system. And we’ve got an amazing selection of weddings, conference, meetings and professional event for you.