VGA to HDMI Converter with Audio Support

VGA to HDMI Converter with Audio Support

Rs 200 / day

HDMI Male to VGA Female Video Converter Adapter Cable Cord HD 1080P HDTV, TV, PC. We are the first renting platform in Sri Lanka. Our service is valuable for who has a need for Projection Equipment for a day or two. It is much easier and less costly than buying a brand new Projection Equipment for just use event.

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There are many times when you need to connect a new piece of equipment to something a little older which can cause some compatibility issues. With this HDMI to VGA converter, you can now connect equipment like a Blu-ray player up to an older projector or TV without issue.

The HDMI signal is split into the VGA for video and a 3.5mm jack for the audio. There is no need for an external power source either which means you can have a hassle-free setup.

More Projection Equipment product from us. if you have any question about our product please use our support service. Any case of technical error with rented item in rental period, have responsibility to replace that item with another product within 2 hours or we refund amount of rental cost for that day or rental period. Then don’t hesitate to contact us. Call to our Hotline: 0777186500

Adapter Length: ~27cm
Weight: ~33g

Quick Description
Connect devices with HDMI output to VGA TVs/Projectors with this HDMI to VGA converter adapter. Simply plug in and away you go.

Input: HDMI
Output: VGA (video) + 3.5mm Jack (audio)
Supported Resolutions
720p HD
1080p FHD
Suitable For
DVD/Blu-Ray Players