Wired Podium Microphone

Wired Podium Microphone

Rs 1,000 / day

Microflex gooseneck microphone new interpretation of the true connotation of flexible. We are the first renting platform in Sri Lanka. Our service is valuable for who has a need for Sound & Lighting Equipment for a day or two. It is much easier and less costly than buying a brand new Sound & Lighting Equipment for just use event.

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Microflex gooseneck microphone new interpretation of the true connotation of flexible. In addition to fully adjustable gooseneck and flexibility of new Microflex interchangeable capacitive microphone head. Interchangeable microphone head is designed for easy replacement, and can use heart, super cardioid and omnidirectional sound pickup pattern, can provide a variety of applications (such as the church, the court and conference center) offers super wide frequency response and accurate sound reproduction. In addition, the condenser microphone is suitable for the new Microflex products series of each model, which is more easy to use and has consistently sound quality.

ඔබගේ සේවා ස්ථානයේ, සංවිධානයේ, ආගමික ස්ථානයේ, ඔබගේ නිවසේ හෝ විශේෂිත අවශ්තාවලදී ඔබට අවශ්‍ය  Wired Podium Microphone සහ microphone  සම්බන්ද කිරීමට අවශ්‍ය XLR  Cables අපගෙන් කුලියට ගැනීමට අපව අමතන්න.

More Sound & Lighting Equipment product from us. if you have any question about our product please use our support service. Any case of technical error with rented item in rental period, rentitem.lk have responsibility to replace that item with another product within 2 hours or we refund amount of rental cost for that day or rental period. Then don’t hesitate to contact us. Call to our Hotline: 0777186500

Frequency response: 50 to 17000 Hz
Output impedance: effective impedance of 180 ohms rated for 150 ohms (EIA)
Sensitivity (1000 Hz, open circuit voltage *) :
Heart: 35.0 dBV/Pa (17.8 mV),Super cardioid: 33.5 dBV/Pa (21.1 mV),Omni-directional: 27.5 dBV/Pa (mV) 42.2 0 gain, all values for – 12 dB; * 1 Pa = 94 dB sound pressure level
The loudest level (1 kHz, 1% total harmonic distortion, euro 1000 load) :
Heart: 124.2 dB,Super cardioid: 122.7 dB,Omni-directional: 116.7 dB0 gain, all values are + 6 dB
The equivalent output noise (A weight) :
Heart: 28.0 dB sound pressure level,Super cardioid: 26.5 dB sound pressure level,Omni-directional: 20.5 dB sound pressure level
Signal-to-noise ratio (94 dB SPL reference) :
Heart: 66.0 dB,Super cardioid: 67.5 dB,Omni-directional: 73.5 dB1
Thousands of the load dynamic range:
96.2 dB0 gain of 100 dB
Common mode rejection
Minimum of 45.0 dB
Preamplifier output clipping level (1%), total harmonic distortion
0-6.0 dBV (. 5 V),To gain – 12 dBV,polarity
Is pressure on the diaphragm will produce positive voltage on the output connector pins 2 (relative to the stitching. 3).
Power requirements: 11 to 52 Vdc, illusion, 2.0 mA
Environmental requirements
Temperature range of use: 18 to 57 degrees c (0 to 135 degrees Fahrenheit)